Starting the Server

Open the Skill console in Virtuoso and type


You can obtain the correct path from the python library like this:

skillbridge path

Read more about The Python Server.

Optional One-time setup

You can generate a static completion stub file. That is useful for IDEs like PyCharm. Type this once into a terminal after you started the server.

skillbridge generate


Generating the static completion stub files requires a tool called stubgen. You can install it alongside the python static type check mypy by typing pip install mypy into your shell.

Connecting to the Server

from skillbridge import Workspace

ws = Workspace.open()

Here are some Basic Examples.

Direct mode without a Server

It is possible to use the skillbridge without an intermediate server. This is useful, if the script is called directly from Virtuoso.

from skillbridge import Workspace

ws = Workspace.open(direct=True)
print("cell view:", ws.ge.get_edit_cell_view())

Then you can execute the python file from the CIW.

pyRunScript "pathToScript.py"

You can also specify a different python executable

pyRunScript "pathToScript.py" ?python "python3.9"

And you can pass CLI arguments to the script

pyRunScript "pathToScript.py" ?args list("first" "second" "third")


The direct mode will only be enabled if stdin is not a TTY. This is the case when the script is called from Virtuoso using ipcBeginProcess.

You can simulate this behaviour by piping text into stdin

` echo 1234 | python file.py `

If used with the above code, this will print “geGetEditCellView()” to stdout and “cell view: 1234” to stderr.