Layout Inst ExampleΒΆ

This example should be used on a layout view with some instances in it.

It will calculate the occurencies of the instance and the accumulated area of the cell.

Afterwards a pie chart with matplotlib is created

from skillbridge import Workspace
from collections import Counter
from matplotlib.pyplot import pie,figure,title

# Workspace.fix_completion() #use this function for correct tab completion in jupyter-notebook

ws =
cv =

def bbox_to_area(b_box):
    return (b_box[1][0]- b_box[0][0]) * (b_box[1][1] - b_box[0][1])

# Get a tuple of instance cellname and area
insts = [(inst.cell_name,bbox_to_area(inst.b_box)) for inst in cv.instances]

# Get a dictionary of cell_name and occurences
counts = Counter(name for name, _ in insts)

# create dictionary of cell_name and area
areas = {}

for name,area in insts:
    areas[name] += area

# plot the pie chart
f = figure(figsize=(12, 12))
sub1 = f.add_subplot(121)
sub1.set_title("Number of instances")
pie(counts.values(), labels = counts.keys())
sub2.set_title("Accumulated Area of each Cell")
pie(areas.values(), labels = areas.keys())